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Accounting and Tax

In Singapore, proper preparation and maintenance of company accounts is a key compliance requirement by ACRA and IRAS. These records when done timely and accurately will enable management to accurately access how the company has been performing and enable the management to make key decisions for the success of the company.

At Assetion Corporate Services, we offer a wide range of customisable services to small and medium enterprises which includes bookkeeping, managing payroll, compilation of financial statements, XBRL, GST and corporate tax submissions. 

Accounting and Tax Services

Our Accounting services will help you save time in organising messy administrative documents and transforming them into useful information for business decisions. We will also scan through your transactions to assist you in maximising tax deductions. With our help, regulatory compliance will be made easy.


Less than 10 bank transactions per month*

Suitable for:

1.  Start-up companies

2. Investment holding companies

3. Dormant companies

Yearly reporting       - 

Quarterly reporting - 


$600 yearly

$300 quarterly


20 bank transactions a month*

Suitable for:

1.  New companies

2. Investment holding companies

3. Companies with minimal transactions


Yearly reporting       - 

$2,500 yearly

Quarterly reporting - 

$1,500 quarterly

Monthly reporting    - 

$700 monthly


50 transactions a month*

Suitable for:

1.  Young companies

2. Active companies

3. Companies with moderately high transactions


Yearly reporting       - 

$5,000 yearly

Quarterly reporting - 

$2,000 quarterly

Monthly reporting    - 

$1,250 monthly

* Transactions are based on the credit and debits in the bank statements. Bank charges are excluded from the count.
* Fees are also based on complexity of transactions.

Already have an accountant?

Just need to comply with IRAS regulations?

Corporate Tax

Our corporate tax compliance service will take care of your tax filing compliance with IRAS which will allow you to focus on your core business.


We will assist you in ensuring that the filing of the taxes are done promptly, accurately and useful applications of tax deductions will be accounted for.


Below are some examples of what we can assist you in:-

  • Tax Computation and the relevant accompanying schedules

  • Filing of the Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI) 

  • Filing of Form C-S or Form C

  • Managing and communicating to IRAS queries regarding your company's tax matters.



$550 yearly

Service includes:

1. Filing of ECI

2. Filing of Form C/ Form C-S

Goods and Services Tax

In Singapore, it is compulsory for a business to register for GST when taxable revenue is more than $1 million for the past 12 months or the business is expected to make more than $1 million for the coming 12 months.


However, if a business does not make more than $1 million taxable revenue, they still may choose if they wish to voluntarily register for GST. 

At Assetion, we understand that GST errors can be costly and many GST errors arise because of a lack of knowledge of GST rules and regulations. Our team can help to assess your business GST obligations and ease the process of complying with statutory requirements.


Our services include:-

  • Application of registering for GST/ de-registration /exemption from GST

  • Reviewing and filing of GST returns

  • Conduct Self-Help Kit (ASK) reviews for applying/renewing of various GST schemes

  • Managing and responding to IRAS queries



$300 quarterly

Services includes:

1. GST Compliance

2. GST Registration/ Deregistration

3. Assisted Self Help Kit review

Individual Tax

Unsure on how to file or what reliefs are applicable, we can assist you in ensuring that your tax filings are timely and you are not missing out on any reliefs.


Some of our services include:

  • Form B for individuals and sole proprietorship

  • Form P for partnerships



$400 yearly

Service includes:

1. Individual tax computation

2. Filing of Form B/ Form P

Any queries? Feel free to contact us
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