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Registering a Company for Singaporeans and PRs

Incorporation is easy and everything can be done online.


We will prepare the Company's Constitution and other Incorporation Documents.

All we need is your signature and IC or passport.





1. Maintain of Statutory registers

2. Preparation of AGM documents

3. Filing of Annual Returns (incl $60 gov fee)

For the first year:

For subsequent years:

* Additional changes will be subjected to fees from $50 - $150 each.



Registering a Company for Foreigners

What the company is required to have:

1.  Nominee Director

At least one of the directors have to be a Singapore resident.

2. Corporate Secretary

Every company in Singapore is required to have a secretary. The secretary makes filings for the annual returns and other resolutions. 

3. Registered Address

Companies are required to have a local address. 





1. Maintain of Statutory registers

2. Preparation of AGM documents

3. Filing of Annual Returns (incl $60 gov fee)

4. Updating of Company's Details

5. Allotment of shares

6. Transfer of shares

7. Distribution of dividends

8. Changes to the Company's Constitution

9. Registered Address 

10. Providing a Corporate Secretary

11. Providing a Nominee Director

S$2,750 yearly

Procedures and documents needed for foreigners to register

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3 Easy steps in registering a company

Step 1

We will send you the letter of intent and the incorporation documents.

Step 2

Arrange the letter of intent, a copy of your passport to be notarised, and send the originals back to us to  The proof of residence and the incorporation documents can be email

Step 3

If everything is in order, we will assist in the registration of your company.

Documents needed:

1.  Notarised Letter of Intent

2. Notarised copy of Passport

3. Proof of residence

Opening a Bank Account

We can assist you on how to open a bank account in Singapore. Do note that the banks have their own procedures and you may be required to have an online video meeting with them. If you do require us to be present at the bank, we have a charge of $100.

Registered Address

Every company needs an address to receive letters from the government, to put it on your name card and letterheads. If you have an address in Singapore, you can use it for your Company's registered address. 

However, if you do not have an address in Singapore or prefer to have an address in the central business district, we can provide the registered address service. You will be able to collect the letters at our office or have them emailed/ mailed to you.

Registered address for 12 months

Service for Scanning and emailing of letters (Optional add on)

Optional Add on Forwarding service of letters

(Optional add on)




Nominee Director

Singapore companies require at least one director to be a local resident. A local resident can be a Singapore Citizen, a Singapore permanent resident, or an employment pass-holder who has a valid address in Singapore. 

If your company requires a nominee director, we are able to provide this service. You can contact us at

Other services we provide

You might require other one-off services after opening your company. Below are some of the additional services that we provide:


Application of Employment pass

Application of Dependent pass

EP or DP renewal

Company Stamp





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